Indian American couple arrested for killing husband’s ex-wife

An Indian American couple in the US has been arrested on charges of killing husband’s 49-year-old ex-wife, the police have said Baldeo Teneja, 62, and his wife, Raminder Kaur, 63, have been charged with the first degree murder of Teneja’s ex-wife, Preeta Paul Gabba in Germantown, a suburb of Washington DC.

Gabba was pronounced dead by the Montgomery County Police on October 12 after people reported having heard gunshot in the area.

According to the police, several witnesses said they saw a woman walking near the scene, but left the place before the police arrived.

Taneja, a resident of Nashville in Tennessee, was scheduled to be in court in Montgomery County on October 10 regarding a domestic issue.

He, however, failed to appear for that hearing, the police said. Police investigations further revealed that Taneja and his current wife, Raminder Kaur were both in Montgomery County on October 11 and October 12.

They also found that Taneja and Kaur had purchased two firearms in Nashville on September 28. Based on these facts, and other information, arrest warrants were issued for Taneja and Kaur for First Degree Murder and Conspiracy to commit First Degree Murder.

The couple was arrested in Nashville, Tennessee on October 13, 2013. Both have been charged as Fugitives from Justice in Nashville and are currently incarcerated in Tennessee.
The couple is awaiting extradition to Montgomery County in Maryland.