Indian Consul General Manish meets with lead tech team of Lululemon

THE Consul General of India in Vancouver, Manish, and Consul (Commerce) Manjish Grover last week met the lead tech team of Lululemon — Vaidyanathan Seshan, Vice President (Global Analytics) at Lululemon, Seattle, and Praveen Mysore, Senior Director of Technology at Lululemon, Vancouver. Together, Seshan and Mysore form the tech team that will lead operations at the newly established Technology Center for Lululemon in Bengaluru, India.

Lululemon Athletica Inc. is a premium yoga and sports apparel brand based out of Vancouver and has grown to a market capital of around $52 billion in a short span. It has established itself in India with its first venture — The India Technology Hub — and registered itself as Lululemon India (Services) Pvt. Limited.

Given the huge retail market in India and the country emerging as a reliable manufacturing hub, one wonders if Lululemon will take much time to follow their tech operations with manufacturing and retail.