Indian embassy in Bahrain to help exploited expat

Dubai (IANS): The Indian embassy in Bahrain has pledged to help five Indian workers who have allegedly not been paid their salaries for four months by their employer.

A social worker had taken the five, who work as labourers, to the embassy in Manama, the Gulf Daily News reported Wednesday.

“The workers filed a complaint against their employer, saying he didn’t pay them for four months,” an embassy spokesman was quoted as saying.

“After receiving the case, we called the company officials, who have promised to pay the workers by next week,” the official said.

Embassy officials have also asked the social worker to stay in touch with the workers and update them on the developments.

One of the workers said he came to Bahrain with hopes of earning a good living to support his family back home.

“But my dreams were dashed when I came here and started working as a labourer. I earn little money, less than what was promised before signing the contract,” he said.

“It’s been months now and I haven’t sent a single fil back home, which is worrying my family,” he added.

One Bahraini dinar equals Indian Rs.164.70 and comprises 1,000 fils.