Indian fugitive hands himself over to Dubai police

Dubai –An Indian man, who had fled the United Arab Emirates (UAE) after allegedly killing his wife, has handed himself over to police in Dubai.

The suspect, identified only by his initials AG, has claimed during police interrogation that it was not he but his Pakistani friend who had killed his wife, the Khaleej Times reported Monday.

According to him, he and the Pakistani used to consume alcohol together regularly to which the victim, identified as BA, objected.

The Pakistani, according to the Indian suspect, started disliking BA when he came to know that she did not like his friendship with her husband.

On March 28 this year, when his wife was asleep in their apartment, the Indian man let the Pakistani into his home in Dubai.

AG alleged that the Pakistani then strangled his wife to death and the duo then stuffed the body in a black plastic bag and took it in car and dumped it by the side of the highway linking Dubai with the city of Al Ain in the emirate of Abu Dhabi.

The Dubai Police recovered the body after a worker saw the large bag and identified the victim despite not having much evidence.

The police then went to the husband’s workplace where they learnt that he had left for India on an emergency visit.

Then the police contacted the victim’s father and came to know that the couple used to have frequent fights.

When they contacted the suspect’s father, he said that he suspected the Pakistani man to be the murderer.

Police then arrested the Pakistani before he could flee the UAE.

However, during interrogation, the Pakistani claimed that it was AG who killed his wife and he had only helped in disposing of the body.

According to Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri, director of the Dubai Police’s general department of criminal investigation, police contacted AG in India and gave him the assurance that if he handed himself over, he would face a lighter penalty.

On his arrival, he was met by the police at Dubai International Airport and taken to the general department of investigation.

During interrogation, AG said that he had fled the country as the victim had a relative working the UAE’s ministry of interior who had an arrest warrant issued against him.–IANS