Indian sentenced to death in UAE

DUBAI: A 28-year-old Indian man has been sentenced to death by a court in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for murdering a housewife last year.

The court of first instance in Dubai found the accused, an accountant by profession, guilty of killing the woman by slitting her throat in her house at Bur Dubai here and then decamping with jewellery, the Khaleej Times reported.

According to the report, the man, whose identity has not been revealed in the report, had gone to the woman’s house in September last year and asked for the purchase receipt of a second-hand washing machine that he had bought from the latter’s husband.

The woman, however, refused and told him to come back after her husband returned.

However, the accused fooled the victim into giving him a glass of water and entered the house.

When she returned with a glass of water, the accused took her by surprise and slit her throat with a knife he had bought earlier in the day.

The man, who was facing dire financial conditions, then decamped with a bagful of jewellery.

The incident was reported Sep 26 last year and the man was arrested later from the Al Raffa area of the city.

He can appeal the verdict within 15 days.

If the verdict becomes irrevocable and the ruler of Dubai upholds it, he will be executed by a firing squad.