Interest to sponsor form for 2019 Parents and Grandparents Program

ON Monday, January 28, 2019, Canadians and permanent residents will able to take the first step towards bringing their parents and grandparents to Canada when the 2019 interest to sponsor form becomes available at noon EST.

Potential sponsors are encouraged to complete and submit the form as quickly as possible, as IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) will only be accepting submissions on a first-in basis for a limited time, once the form opens.

IRCC would like to remind potential sponsors that:

–       The interest to sponsor form is not an application, but a mechanism to inform IRCC you are interested in sponsoring your parents or grandparents.

–       A digital copy of your proof of status in Canada document will need to be uploaded in order to submit the 2019 interest to sponsor form. This digital copy must include both sides (front and back) of the status in Canada document and cannot exceed 2.5 MB. Potential sponsors should prepare this ahead of the form becoming available.

–      The onus is on potential sponsors to ensure they are eligible to sponsor before submitting an interest to sponsor form.This includes making sure that you meet the minimum necessary income requirements.

–       All duplicate submissions will be removed. If you make a mistake on your submission, please do not submit a new one. Instructions on what to do if you make a mistake on your submission can be found on IRCC’s website.

–       If you successfully submit an interest to sponsor form, you will see a confirmation screen with a confirmation number on it. Please keep this number for your records.

–       IRCC will contact potential sponsors in the order in which it received interest to sponsor forms.

Frequently Asked Questions on Sponsoring your Family:


  1. I opened parent’s sponsorship form in the website , filled up and clicked sign and submit button but I did not get any confirmation number. I got a notification screen the form is now closed. I think there is some problem in the website. I submitted the form within 3 minutes after opening at 12 pm. I am not sure if my application is submitted or not. Please assist me on the issue.

  2. The form to submit was unavailable after 5 mins i took 4 mins to fill in all the information and when i clicked on submit at 10:05 am (Alberta Time)it was saying its not taking any more applications, this is a joke or some kinda scam.

  3. Chamika Vidanagamage :I too submitted Parents and grand parents application with in five minutes of opening , It instantatiouslly appeared in the screen,it was closed . Lottery system would be better if this is the way it actually happens

  4. My wife was expecting from one hour previous to send the information. At 12pm the website did not open and 2 minutes later received an information that the website was closed. That is unfair. She is waiting for more than one year trying to sponsorship her widow mother living alone.

  5. this system is really ridicules, I’ve been waiting all night and all morning long, I had the government website open on my computer all morning so I can just click on the from right when it open. but first of all, I could not even find the form( it should be right at the top) and than just 3 mins of scrolling down I find out that it was closed already. so disappointing. we need a better system.

  6. it is a total joke, waited for the protal to open 30min before 12:00 noon, cannot load the page at all, at 12:05pm loading the page with note of full!

  7. IRCC need to confirm how long the system was accepting the applications, what I experienced it was for 5 mins only. Why it was not based on the interest forms that were opened? All people are not computer expert or fast in typing….So it was fair?

  8. This was very frustrating I think it is okay if the government can tell us straight that they do not want us to bring our parents here because what happened today on this day of January 28 2019 was very bad I almost had heart attack. They made things to be difficulty and again wanting us to submit those forms in a seconds. I tried to do everything in my power to make it work the computer didn’t I waited for it until 12: 03 when I clicked send it told me that it is closed. I’m not even feeling well this had made my situation worse.

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