Andrew Weaver to re-introduce ridesharing legislation this Fall

Andrew Weaver

ANDREW Weaver, Leader of the B.C. Green caucus, announced on Monday that he will re-introduce legislation to enable ridesharing this fall. Weaver has twice introduced the Ridesharing Enabling Act, once in April 2016 and again in February 2017.

“The government cannot stick its head in the sand when it comes to new technology,” said Weaver.

“All parties want to see B.C. be a leader in the emerging economy. To do so, government must take a proactive, responsive approach that considers the wide ranging impacts of technological innovation. Vancouver is the largest city in North America without ridesharing – it is time we finally made this service accessible to British Columbians.

“I am encouraged that all three parties agreed to bring ridesharing to B.C. in the past election, and that an instruction to do so was included in the Premier’s mandate letter to Minister [of Transportation and Infrastructure Claire] Trevena. However, the mandate letter includes no timeline, and British Columbians continue to wait.

“In this new minority government, we have an opportunity to work together to advance good public policy. I invite my colleagues on both sides of the house to discuss this legislation with me in advance of its introduction. By working together, we can finally bring ridesharing to B.C. in a way that meets the needs of consumers while ensuring that B.C. businesses is able to thrive.”


  1. Andrew Weaver is playing a dishonest word game. Ride sharing is a good thing. But what Uber is doing has nothing to do with ride sharing. It is just a taxi that ignores all the safety rules. Further, it rips off the drivers.

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