Is Moe Sihota behind move to keep Uber out of B.C. market?

Moe Sihota
Photo by Chandra Bodalia

THE Province newspaper’s columnist Mike Smyth reports that Carolyn Bauer, head of the taxi association, says that former NDP minister Moe Sihota – who is still a power to be reckoned with in the party – is behind a move by the Vancouver taxi association to set up its own ride-for-hire Kater app and keep ride-hailing apps like Uber out of the province.

Bauer confirmed to Smyth that Sihota introduced the association to Surrey businessman Monty Sikka to develop Kater, with 20 per cent of the profits remaining with taxi firms.

She told him: ““Moe Sihota has been our friend for many years and we’re hoping the government lets us at least try this as a six-month pilot project to show it can work.”

Bauer is concerned that Uber and the other ride-hailing apps would wreck the taxi industry.

The VOICE phoned Sihota for his reaction, but hasn’t had a response so far.

Smyth, who is well-known for his scoops, got hold of a three-page “letter of intent” that calls for the licensing of 200 “Kater Cabs,” which would operate like Uber cars.

The Ride-sharing Now for B.C. group is reacting angrily.