Jagmeet Singh says his plan supports Canadian jobs and businesses

WHILE visiting the first Canadian business to manufacture N95 masks in Coquitlam, B.C., on Tuesday, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh announced his commitment to stop Liberal Party Leader Justin Trudeau’s massive no-strings attached giveaways to multinational corporations.

Instead, Singh would invest in small and community businesses committed to building our country.

“When the pandemic hit, Canada was caught flat-footed and families and frontline workers who needed PPE were put at risk,” said Singh. “For decades the Liberals and Conservatives have dismantled Canada’s manufacturing industry and allowed money and jobs to be shipped overseas. We can’t ever let ourselves be in this position again—we have to expand domestic manufacturing capacity so that we can create jobs and respond in an emergency.”

The NDP said that Trudeau sacrificed Canadian jobs and Canadian access to PPE and other critical supplies by refusing to establish a critical supply chain or create a national production program. He sent millions of dollars to China and failed to be a champion for Canadian jobs in a time of economic crisis.

Singh’s plan would create jobs and support Canada’s independence by developing an industrial strategy to encourage and expand domestic manufacturing capacity.

“Canada has the raw materials, ingenuity and dedicated workers; we’re just missing the leadership,” said Singh. “Justin Trudeau won’t deliver. I will.”