Jinny Sims Tells Conservatives They Are Still Failing Children

I joined with my New Democrat colleagues to support Campaign 2000 in its call on the federal government to introduce an action plan that would eventually see the eradication of poverty in this country, namely amongst children,” said Newton-North Delta MP Jinny Sims in reaction to the First Call report showing high rates of child poverty in BC.

Locally, the Surrey Food Bank feeds over 15,000 people per month, and 42% of those individuals are babies and children. At 19%, B.C. has Canada’s highest child poverty rate. Here in Newton-North Delta, community members refused to sit idly in the wake of this revelation.

Local organizations such as Vibrant Surrey, the Surrey Homelessness and Housing Task Force, the City of Surrey, the Fraser Health Authority and many other organizations are tackling this issue at the local level. The local initiative ‘THIS’ focuses on transportation, housing and income support as areas which must be addressed in order to break poverty cycles.

“Sadly, we do not see the Conservative government responding to these critical issues,” said MP Sims.

It’s been over twenty years since Ed Broadbent’s motion aimed to end child poverty passed unanimously in the House of Commons, and yet successive Conservative and Liberal governments have failed to act on that commitment.

“I am so proud that people in my riding have come together with such an important goal,” said Sims. “For my part, I stood in the House of Commons today and told the Conservative government that Canadians want action, not more empty promises. Our community has shown exemplary initiative — Stephen Harper could learn a lot from the people of Surrey.”