Kash Heed says Amrik Virk should be humble, not arrogant and dismissive

Kash Heed FORMER solicitor general Kash Heed told The VOICE on Thursday that Advanced Education Minister Amrik Virk should learn to be humble.

He also said that Virk should step down if there is any further investigation into the Kwantlen Polytechnic University affairs.

Heed said: “As far as whether he should stay or go, there is a problem as far as I am concerned. If this matter continues to be looked at through some type of further inquiry or investigation, then there is a problem because him sitting as the Advanced Education Minister and this being looked at from an advanced education point of view as Kwantlen University comes under that, there is a perception of a significant conflict of interest.”

Heed told me: “First of all, Amrik has to ensure that he has the confidence of the constituents in British Columbia as the Advanced Education Minister because that seems to be the problem now. What is concerning to me is his behaviour and his behaviour initially when this was brought up in the House and the arrogant and dismissive attitude he had with regard to this particular subject.

“As a matter of fact, when I go back and hear the quotes he made to [NDP MLA and Advanced Education Critic] David Eby, I think instead of him being humble and let the matter be investigated, he came out on his high horse with a very, very dismissive and arrogant attitude and that bothered people more so than just what has occurred at the end of the day.

“And when you have a government, you have people in government – and I have seen it before and I continue to see it – with that arrogant attitude, it turns people off and that is what has occurred here.”

Heed added: “Even now when he’s talking about what is going on, I do not see that sympathetic, humble attitude and he talks that he’s learned a lesson. Well, I’ve sure not seen that [nor am I] hearing it in his words; I am just hearing that same arrogance.”