Lalu Prasad walks out of jail, vows to take on Narendra Modi

Rashtriya Janta Dal chief Lalu Prasad has vowed to stop BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi from becoming the Prime Minister. Talking to reporters at Ranchi jail, from where he was released on Monday afternoon, Lalu said that he would stop communal forces from coming to power, in an obvious reference to Modi.

“Now I have come out of jail and am ready to take on the communal forces. I will make all efforts to ensure that communal forces do not occupy power,” Lalu said.

The Supreme Court had granted bail to the former Bihar chief minister. He was released from jail after the formalities for his release were completed. Lalu was inside Ranchi jail since September 30 when a special CBI court convicted him in the multi-crore fodder scam.

“The CBI case against me is false. I have full faith in the judiciary,” Lalu Prasad added. About Aam Aadmi Party, Lalu said that people want to fight elections but do not want to form government. “Now I am ready,” he told reporters as his cavalcade moved on from the jail.

Lalu will visit an ancient Durga temple in Tamar, 70km from Rancih, which is believed to have “transformed” Dhoni’s life. Dhoni is a regular visitor to the temple since his childhood.

RJD insiders said that Lalu is impressed to know the connection of Dhoni with this temple and is keen to visit the Durga temple (Deori Mandir) and pay obeisance.

In 2004, the Deori attracted only a few devotees and Dhoni was a regular at that time too. After Dhoni made his emphatic first ODI debut in 2004 against Bangladesh and came to offer prayers at this temple, the temple got massive publicity. Since then, the footfall has grown many times, said members of Ma Durga Samiti Deori. “This temple has transformed Dhoni’s life,” claimed temple priest Manoj Panda.

A grand welcome would be given to Lalu in Tamar where RJD leaders have made elaborate arrangements.