Leger survey: NDP – 50%, BC Liberal – 35%

IF the provincial election were held today, the B.C. NDP would capture the highest proportion of the popular vote among decided voters (50%) followed by the B.C. Liberal Party (35%), according to a Leger survey conducted October 6-9.
The survey also found that voters would be far more comfortable having a conversation with BC NDP Leader John Horgan than either of the other two leaders.

According to the survey, almost half of respondents (47%) plan to watch the leaders’ debate today (October 13).

Key Findings:

* The NDP maintain their significant lead over the Liberals, consist with the first poll conducted the last week of September.
* The NDP and Liberal Party have about the same proportion of committed voters (72% and 74% respectively), far higher than the Green Party (54%). Those 18-34 (39%) are far more likely to switch their vote than those 55+ (16%).
* Of the five themes that have emerged in the election so far, the two that are deemed most important are:
– A credible plan that invests in services such as healthcare, education and childcare so British Columbian families have the support they need (91% state very/somewhat important), and
– A stable, experienced government to ensure the province continues to get through the COVID-19 pandemic in a manner that keeps British Columbians safe and still keeps the economy moving forward (89% stating very/somewhat important).
* The stable, experienced government theme was rated ‘very important’ by two-thirds (66%) of respondents.
* Almost half of resondents (46%) say they are very or somewhat closely following the provincial election campaign.
* Half (49%) plan to vote by mail in ballot, while almost as many (45%) intend to vote in-person at a polling station.
* Horgan is the Party leader people would be most comfortable with having to their home for dinner and a casual conversation (37% selecting).
* Three in five (58%) say they are less likely to support a party if it allows candidates to run who prior to the election communicated homophobic and anti-LGBTQ community views.