Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau presents new plan for Canada’s environment and economy


  Justin Trudeau   Photo by Chandra Bodalia  

Justin Trudeau 
Photo by Chandra Bodalia

FEDERAL Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau on Monday presented an agenda for real change that he said will create clean jobs, grow the economy, and protect the environment.

“During the Harper decade, our environment has suffered. Canadians cannot afford to let this inaction continue – the cost is too high,” said Trudeau. “We will undo the damage done by Stephen Harper and give to our children and grandchildren a country even more beautiful, sustainable, and prosperous than the one we have now.”

The Liberal plan:

* taking action on climate change; investing in clean technologies;

* creating clean jobs and investment;

* restoring credibility to environmental assessments;

* preserving and promoting our National Parks;

* and protecting our wildlife and waterways.

In the process, we will phase out fossil fuel subsidies; expand investment in the clean technology sector; create a Green Investment Bond to develop more renewable energy; and suspend admission fees to our National Parks for the 150th anniversary of Canadian Confederation, said Trudeau.

“The Conservatives have refused to take meaningful action on climate change, slashed environmental protections, muzzled and cut funding for science, and allowed other countries to take the lead on creating new clean jobs,” said Trudeau. “The Liberal plan will ensure that Canada can tap into the vast economic opportunities of our environment and create the sustainable prosperity middle class families.”