B.C. Liberals slam NDP’s cannabis policy

Mike Morris

B.C. Liberal Critic Mike Morris on Monday slammed the NDP’s cannabis policy, stating: “As usual, the BC NDP have dithered and delayed in making another actual decision. This announcement leaves a lot of questions to be answered at a later date which is very concerning. We’re five months away from legalization coming into effect and we’re still only seeing part of a plan.”

He added: “British Columbians want clarity surrounding cannabis in their communities and they didn’t get that today. What are the rules for rural B.C.? The government will get back to you. What role will local government have in approving retail locations? Stay tuned, the NDP just isn’t quite sure.”

Morris said: “While I am happy to see the Province support the federal recommendation on co-location, those who were hoping the BC NDP would have an implementation plan will be sorely disappointed. The BC Liberal focus has always been public safety, ensuring children aren’t exposed to cannabis and not allowing criminals to benefit from legalization. The NDP have failed with these weak regulations and British Columbians deserve better.”