Liberals: NDP promise on Surrey Hospital is desperate, not in platform

Puneet Sandhar

FOR the second consecutive day, the BC NDP have made a commitment that isn’t in their platform — underlining desperation as polls show their support sliding in the Lower Mainland, said the Liberals on Sunday.

They said that on Saturday, it was an un-costed, phantom promise related to the Cowichan Hospital. Now, it’s a promise to fund something called a “strategic analysis” on the need for a new Surrey hospital – and neither is reflected in the BC NDP platform. And just last week, John Horgan refused to commit to a new hospital in Surrey, when speaking with Harjinder Thind on Radio Red FM.

“Aside from having a wildly unaffordable and un-costed platform, now they are piling on new promises out of thin air,” said Puneet Sandhar, the BC Liberal candidate in Surrey-Panorama. “It is laughable to have the NDP standing here talking about a new hospital in Surrey when they didn’t put it in their plan. This promise is from the same NDP that didn’t build a single hospital the last time they were in government and actually cut the number of nursing spaces in BC.”

Liberals said that they have made huge investments in health care in Surrey. From the Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgery Clinic, to the recently announced expansion of the Peace Arch Hospital Emergency Department, to Surrey Memorial’s new Children’s Mental Health Unit, BC Liberals have delivered new investments in health care for Surrey residents.

“Once again we see that the NDP is simply making it up as they go along,” Sandhar added. “Only Today’s BC Liberals have a real plan to provide high quality health care for Surrey residents, and we need more BC Liberal MLAs from Surrey elected on May 9 to keep building a health care system that Surrey residents can count on.”