Linda Hepner and her party can’t even handle ballot papers! Sabotaging Barinder Rasode?

Linda Hepner Photo by Chandra Bodalia
Linda Hepner
Photo by Chandra Bodalia

FIRST, Surrey First with mayoral hopeful Linda Hepner was so desperate that they broke their own guidelines by erecting election signs ONE DAY EARLIER – and then instead of apologizing, they TOLD LIES that the Surrey Election Officer had given them written permission (which the Election Commissioner denied to CKNW) and making light of the guidelines by saying that ‘these were ONLY guidelines’!

Now the City (that has been functioning for years under Surrey First) has messed up the ballot papers by failing to mention the party (Barinder Rasode’s ONE SURREY) with the name of TWO candidates – MAZ ARTANG and MICHAEL BOSE!

Isn’t this a bit TOO much?!

What kind of bozos are these guys?

Today is the first day of advance voting – and this has put Rasode’s team at a DISADVANTAGE already.

Now the City of Surrey is reportedly scurrying to print NEW ballot papers? What a WASTE of taxpayers’ money!

Surrey-ites, as they receive the shocking news, are wondering if they are living in a banana republic or what!

All voting for the day MUST be declared INVALID.