Lucky 13 for Surrey RCMP’s Auto Crime Team, unlucky for 13 alleged offenders

number-13[1]A number of prolific auto crime offenders were arrested in a two-week period in December by a specialized team targeting auto crime in Surrey.

In 13 days, earlier this month, Surrey RCMP’s Auto Crime Target Team (ACTT) arrested 13 auto crime offenders in various parts of the city.  Dozens of charges have been recommended against the suspects whose crimes also included stolen property, fraud, drugs, and numerous breaches of their conditions. In one particular case, 25 charges were recommended against one individual by officers.

Property crime, including auto crime, accounts for almost 40% of crime in Surrey and has been on the increase across the Lower Mainland this year. The Surrey RCMP’s ACTT works to identify, track and arrest property offenders whose crimes, left unchecked, could potentially lead to more serious offences. Many times a stolen vehicle will be the first offence in a string of others committed that could present additional risks to the public.

“With these recent arrests, a number of prolific property crime offenders have been taken off the streets and many will be spending the holiday season behind bars,” says Surrey RCMP ACTT Sgt. Gary Rodricks. “As part of our crime reduction strategy and in partnership with other law enforcement personnel, we are taking steps towards reducing the prevalence of property crime in Surrey.”

Along with enforcement efforts, Surrey RCMP has also been involved in a number of proactive educational campaigns including the Protect It. Lock It. Keep It and Observe It. Report It campaigns. These initiatives inform residents about how they can play an active role in crime reduction and reduce their chances of becoming a victim of crime.

Throughout the holiday season, Surrey RCMP officers will be checking areas with high concentrations of vehicles such as shopping complexes, park and rides, and other facilities to ensure public safety and to monitor prolific auto crime offenders. Volunteers will also continue to conduct parking lot audits and run ICBC’s Lock Out Auto Crime Program at various locations throughout the city.