ME THINKS!: 3 blind mice of Surrey Council: Linda Annis, Jack Hundial, Brenda Locke!


Here we’ve had three screaming, screeching, squawking Surrey Councillors – Linda Annis (the most hysterical of the three), Jack Hundial and Brenda Locke – go after Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum day and night with every distortion and half-truth imaginable under the direction of the RCMP and its front “Keep the RCMP in Surrey’ as they waged a relentless war against a Surrey Police Service after having voted for it in the very first Council meeting after the municipal election.

Linda Annis: Wake up!

Yet, these self-righteous, judgmental politicians were so blind all this time to the ILLEGAL / UNETHICAL use of the sacred RCMP logo by the “Keep the RCMP in Surrey’ group – right under their noses!

And mind you, Hundial is a FORMER RCMP OFFICER!

Now you can imagine what his caliber must have been in the force – and what his caliber as a politician – albeit a petty one – is!

As for Locke – a well-known political loser at all three levels of politics: municipal, provincial and federal – the less said, the better.

Jack Hundial and Brenda Locke: What do you see?

Annis, of course, is the only candidate from Surrey First (the party of former mayors Dianne Watts and Linda Hepner) who won because she turned against her own party on the issue of the development proposal for Rosemary’s Heights just days before the election and harmed all her other party candidates.

So what can you expect from her!

And mind you she has been the Executive Director of Metro Vancouver Crime Stoppers.

The South Asian media – fed up with the blatant racism of the ‘Keep the RCMP in Surrey’ against South Asians – finally exposed the group and the RCMP for allowing the MISUSE of the RCMP logo on their twitter account and forced them to drop the logo last week.

There has been NO COMMENT on this shocking scandal from the three blind mice of Surrey Council.

What a bunch of hypocrites!


As this newspaper wrote last week in a stinging rebuke (even as the white mainstream media has kept mum about this scandal):

“How can residents of Surrey expect Surrey RCMP Assistant Commissioner Brian Edwards and his officers to protect them when they didn’t even notice that their sacred logo was being used illegally by the “Keep The RCMP In Surrey” group so blatantly all this time to lobby for the force?

“Was it deliberate bias – or was it a lack of intelligence? In either case, this has been a total disgrace that has sullied the name of the RCMP and its supporters. How can residents expect them to uphold the law in an unbiased manner?”

“It was only after MediaWaves Communications’ Ashiana Khan exposed this blatant misuse by this lobby group and The VOICE took up this cause stridently on Tuesday that the RCMP’s top brass apparently ordered the group to remove the logo from their twitter account.

“However, the group is still using an RCMP cruiser with the RCMP logo on their twitter and Facebook accounts. Will the RCMP bosses do something about this? If not, then everybody – including gangs – should start using these symbols on whatever they want to.”

Well, the RCMP cruiser has also now been removed from the logo!

We feel bad for RCMP Commissioner RCMP Brenda Lucki in Ottawa who has been badly let down by her BC team under Commanding Officer Deputy Commissioner Jennifer Strachan on this.

Many years ago, we remember, the RCMP went after anyone using their logo or name on any commercial product, demanding their cut of the profits. What are they going to charge the “Keep the RCMP in Surrey’?

The RCMP have been notorious for DIRTY TRICKS some of which this reporter himself has exposed since the 1990s, including their leaking of personal emails of then-solicitor general Kash Heed whose political career they brazenly ruined like fascists because he wanted to replace them in B.C. with a provincial force. (Just put “Kash Heed” in our website’s search engine and you will get all the details). It was a desperate attempt to turn politicians in the B.C. Liberal government of that time against him. They even contacted me with lies but I ended up exposing them.

Quite apparently, the RCMP have been leaking all kinds of negative information on their political and police rivals to the ‘Keep the RCMP in Surrey’ to embarrass them and sabotage the Surrey Police Service.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his public safety minister and Premier John Horgan and his public security minister MUST take note of these facts and keep the out-of-control RCMP in check.