ME THINKS: Misuse of Elections BC should not be allowed (updated)

IN reply to The VOICE’s query about whether the initiative to conduct a Surrey policing binding referendum had violated any law(s) because those concerned had made it clear right from the start that they would not be soliciting signatures from voters in ALL the ridings, but would concentrate in ridings of ONLY one City (in this case, Surrey) for their own propaganda to pressure the provincial government, Elections BC’s Melanie Hull informed us on Monday:


“It is not an offence under the Recall and Initiative Act to collect signatures in only some electoral districts, however, the petition would fail on submission because it did not meet the signature threshold in all 87 electoral districts. The initiative to conduct a Surrey policing binding referendum has failed and will not proceed further in the initiative process.”


The VOICE is of the opinion that such a farce and misuse should not be allowed and the government must take steps to end this nonsense. This is clearly making a mockery of democracy!