More accessible Meals on Wheels coming to Langley

MORE people will have better access to Langley Meals on Wheels Society with new infrastructure upgrades to the Aldergrove Community Station House.

“Non-profits like the Langley Meals on Wheels Society and the programs and services they offer to the community are part of a critical network of organizations that are working with government to enhance food security in B.C.,” said Megan Dykeman, Parliamentary Secretary for Non-Profits, on Tuesday. “Making sure those services are welcoming and inclusive to everyone is a key part of the community building work we are doing together.”

With a $350,000 grant from the Province, the Langley Meals on Wheels Society is able to expand its food security and distribution services, which provide more than 5,000 meals per month to Langley households, as well as other services. The funding is part of the Province’s fiscal year-end grants.

The Aldergrove Community Station House will also make improvements to accessibility so more people can use the community space in the building. The funding will also go toward doorway and entry upgrades and repairs to improve accessibility for guests, volunteers and staff.

“Langley Meals on Wheels is the lead organization in a local group of community partnerships, that are working together to reduce poverty and improve overall health” said Shannon Woykin, Executive Director, Langley Meals on Wheels. “Through our Langley Meals on Wheels Society’s newly developed Aldergrove Community Station House, we have opened a neighbourhood house model and community food centre model under one roof. We are now extending our reach to deliver more meals, services and supports to our community.”

This project supports the Province’s commitments to improve food security, reduce poverty and create a more inclusive and accessible British Columbia.


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