175 more taxis for Vancouver

Todd Stone

THE Passenger Transportation Board has approved the request by five Vancouver taxi companies to add 175 new vehicles, including 26 wheelchair accessible taxis, to Vancouver’s taxi fleet.

Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Todd Stone said: “These new vehicles will go a long way to meet some of the current demand for passenger-directed vehicles and will help reduce the 45-minute wait times customers experience now. With the busy tourist season approaching, this decision will mean that more customers will be better able to access the many amenities and sights Vancouver and surrounding area has to offer.”

Todd added: “As the Province continues to develop the framework to create a level playing field for ride sharing to come to B.C. by the end of this year, it is now time for the City of Vancouver to move forward and approve these much-needed additional vehicles.

“Once the City of Vancouver’s moratorium is lifted, these vehicles would supplement the 38 suburban taxi licenses that have already been approved to operate in Vancouver. The 213 additional vehicles will help address the very real challenges that have been created by this moratorium. It is important to collectively work to meet the needs of residents and visitors who require safe, accessible and reliable taxi service in this city.”