Muslim student group tired of radicalized youth and calls for huge campaign: STOP THE CRISIS, hosts largest event at York University


ONE of York University’s largest Muslim Student Association, AMSA, is hosting an event called STOP THE CRISIS. AMSA has gotten together and developed a well thought out campaign to raise awareness about youth radicalization and the harmful impacts of extremist views. The President of the AMSA group, Jari Qudrat, stated, “We are bringing a unique perspective to everything. Our speaker will be a Canadian Muslim Convert, but condemning ISIS, not supporting them.”

AMSA has started publicizing the event, and has got a lot of feed back and interest from students, professors, and faculty. The event is creating a lot of buzz throughout the university. Jari Qudrat said, “As a student club on campus, we are keeping ourselves educated about current affairs. The AMSA student group whole-heartedly condemns the killings by both Martin Rouleau, 25-year old radicalized Muslim in Quebec, and Michael Zehaf, radicalized 30-year old Muslim convert in Ottawa.”

It is unfortunate that these individuals do not understand the pure and pristine teachings of Islam. That is what our event will be about. We will remove these misconceptions.

“Just this year, York University student, Mohamud Mohamed, was killed abroad fighting with ISIS. We’d like to end it at that, and ensure that no more Canadian youth have any thoughts of radicalization this from this day onwards.”pic4