National Police Federation asks for respect and fairness for all, including RCMP members

BRIAN Sauvé, President of the National Police Federation issued a statement on Monday entitled “Racism and the importance of respect for all Canadians, including members of the RCMP,” in which it said:

“The National Police Federation and its membership recognize and decry racism, discrimination, and bias in Canada and globally. We believe recent and ongoing conversations, protests and education are an important expression of our shared desire and commitment to change.

“In 2019, the National Police Federation was certified as the sole bargaining agent for front-line members of the RCMP to ensure they have an external voice to speak on their behalf.

“Our nearly 20,000 members know their chosen front-line career path comes with many levels of internal and external professional oversight and regulation here in Canada. In fact, policing in Canada is one of the most heavily regulated professions. The NPF supports and embraces this oversight and believes that all complaints against members of the RCMP need to be investigated fully, fairly, transparently and resolved in a timely and effective manner.

“This extensive and thorough oversight provides an ability to gather and consider all facts when determining conclusions.

“When elected officials offer negative anti-police comment publicly or pre-suppose an opinion before all facts are known through an investigation, it is not only unfair but contributes to sensationalized media coverage and bias which could negatively impact public safety and put members and residents at risk. It destabilizes community trust and confidence in the excellent work our members do on a daily basis in their communities.

“We support and protect every Canadians’ right to be treated fairly and equally, and sustained access to all necessary support services and systems. This includes foundational services such as mental health and addiction support, family and child services among other critical supports — including community policing, education and prevention.

“We ask for respect and fairness for all Canadians during this sensitive time, including our members who put their lives on the front-line to protect those they serve and make our communities safer and stronger.”