NDP accuses BC Liberal Leader Wilkinson of shutting down proportional representation debate

Andrew Wilkinson

THE Mission Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday cancelled its involvement in Thursday’s BC Liberal-sponsored discussion on proportional representation because only BC Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson’s side was to be presented. 


Wilkinson then claimed on Facebook that the event was cancelled “due to political interference from the NDP,” says the NDP.

The NDP adds that facts say otherwise:

  • On October 3, the Chamber confirmed NDP MLA Ravi Kahlon as a speaker at the event.
  • On October 4, Kahlon was quickly uninvited. However he expressed his willingness to participate if the Chamber still wanted him to.
  • On October 10, the Chamber posted “Chamber event cancelled” and explained that “after a failed attempt to have both sides represented in the conversation at our October 11th Proportional Representation Discussion, The Mission Regional Chamber of Commerce will be withdrawing support of this event.”
Ravi Kahlon

Given that Kahlon had been confirmed and was fully willing to participate, it’s obvious Wilkinson decided he didn’t want to share the stage and have both sides represented, alleges the NDP.

“It’s obvious that Andrew Wilkinson and the BC Liberals have no real desire to debate proportional representation. The BC Liberals and their rich friends have tried to stop British Columbians from even having a referendum. And now he has proven that he doesn’t want British Columbians to hear both sides of this important question,” says Kahlon.


  1. The trouble with crying wolf is the difficulty in distinguishing the rival packs unmelodious wailings to the moon.
    John Stuart Mill: Proportional Representation is Personal Representation.
    The Angels Weep: H. G. Wells on Electoral Reform.
    (Richard Lung:)
    Peace-making Power-sharing;
    Scientific Method of Elections.
    Science is Ethics as Electics.
    FAB STV: Four Averages Binomial Single Transferable Vote.
    (in French) Modele Scientifique du Proces Electoral.

  2. Wilkinson has no desire to debate the differences between Pro-rep and FPTP. He can only handle a single platform from which he can make the most misinformed and false fearmongering statements without danger of contradiction or correction.

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