NDP condemns Russian attack on Ukraine, urges Trudeau to sanction Putin where it hurts most

FEDERAL NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh said in a statement on Thursday that the NDP strongly condemns Russian President Vladimir Putin’s flagrant aggression against Ukraine and stands with the people of Ukraine.

He added: “My thoughts go out to all Ukrainians who are worried about this unprovoked and unjustified attack by Russia. War always brings terrible loss of life and human suffering.”

Singh said: “We urge the Liberal government to use all tools to deter Putin’s aggressive actions, including by immediately imposing additional severe economic sanctions where it hurts Putin the most. As recommended by multiple experts, Canada should sanction Canadian assets of Putin’s closest oligarchs. By expanding sanctions to the assets of ultra-wealthy oligarchs and barring their financial interactions, Putin’s own wealth will be exposed, and it compromises his ability to protect the oligarchs who enable him. Canada must also engage with allied countries to work towards removing Russia from the SWIFT banking network.”

Singh pointed out: “Thousands of Ukrainians are urgently seeking refuge in Canada. Since 2018, the NDP has asked for visa-free access for Ukrainians, something many Ukrainian Canadians have told us they want prioritized. We continue to call on the Liberal government to do everything possible to help people fleeing the threat of violence in Ukraine.”

He said: “In the coming days, Ukrainian people will need our support more than ever and Canada needs to have a plan for humanitarian aid. Canada must continue to work with our allies, including at the United Nations, to respond appropriately to this terrible situation.”