NDP Double-Speak on the Quebec proposal

MulcairNDP leader Thomas Mulcair needs to explain the recent contradictory comments of his federal MPs on the Parti Quebecois’ “Charter of Values” proposal.

Last week, during an interview with Radio-Canada, NDP MP, Francois Pilon, came out completely in favour of banning the wearing of religious symbols in the public sector.

Speaking to Montreal’s 98.5 FM on September 17th, another NDP MP, Alexandre Boulerice, dodged the question, and refused to condemn the PQ proposal, which would discriminate against provincial employees wearing articles of faith such as crosses, kippas, turbans, and hijabs. “The position for the moment, I would say, is to look at what Members of the National Assembly are doing,” Boulerice said.

Despite being told by radio host Paul Arcand that what he was saying “is not what Mr. Mulcair told us,” Boulerice avoided taking a position on the Parti Quebecois’ recently unveiled proposal by dismissing it as “hypothetical.”

“Any proposal that limits the ability to practice one’s faith and be free from discrimination is of deep concern.” said the Honourable Tim Uppal, Minister of State (Multiculturalism). “The NDP has no room for ambiguity on basic human rights.”

It is clear that the NDP is openly divided on this issue, despite what their leader is saying to the rest of Canada. Boulerice’s silence on the discriminatory ban and Pilon’s endorsement are shameful and must be strongly condemned by Thomas Mulcair. Will Mulcair do the right thing and denounce these MPs or will he continue his silent endorsement?

“Our Conservative Government has made its position clear: we will vigorously defend the constitutional protections to which all Canadians of all faith backgrounds are entitled,” said Minister Uppal. “It’s time for Thomas Mulcair and the NDP to come clean about what they actually think.”

Mulcair’s NDP says one thing when they’re in Quebec, another thing outside Quebec. It’s time for Mulcair to come clean and explain what the NDP’s real position is on this important issue.