NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh promises to work with Indigenous communities to find every child

WHILE visiting Cowessess First Nation in Saskatchewan, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh on Friday vowed to work with Indigenous people to find every child and to hold those responsible for the crimes of residential schools accountable.

“Indigenous communities have been living with the legacy of residential schools for decades. Survivors have told us for years there were children who never came home. We cannot look away—we have to act,” said Singh.
“People had a lot of hope [Liberal Leader] Justin Trudeau would do the work on reconciliation, instead he has dragged First Nations and residential school survivors to court. I’m committed to finding every child and will fight for justice.”

The NDP said that Canadians have learned a lot about Trudeau over the last six years. Trudeau speaks about reconciliation and visits communities healing from the trauma of residential schools, but he won’t hold those responsible for these crimes accountable. He has promised providing clean drinking water in First Nations yet after six years he’s failed to make it happen.

The NDP said Singh will work in partnership with Indigenous communities who wish to search former residential school sites to ensure they receive adequate funding and resources. He is committed to going after those responsible by appointing a special prosecutor and will demand that all residential schools’ records from institutions such as governments and churches be released. He would also work to fully implement all outstanding recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission report, including those that establish a National Council for Reconciliation to monitor and report on progress.

“We must work hand in hand with Indigenous communities to find those children and seek justice,” said Singh. “Justin Trudeau’s inaction is a betrayal. I’m ready to do what’s right.”