NDP response to strata crisis remains too little, too late: B.C. Liberals

AFTER a year of inaction followed by ineffective legislation, the NDP announced on Sunday that further measures intended to address the strata crisis are coming into effect — measures that will provide no financial relief for the hundreds of thousands of British Columbians hit hard with skyrocketing strata insurance costs, the B.C. Liberals said on Monday.

“Yesterday’s announcement is the most recent by the NDP government that’s designed to look like action on this crisis, when in reality they are doing nothing to provide real financial relief to those who are currently impacted by the strata crisis,” said Todd Stone, Critic for Municipal Affairs, Housing and TransLink. “We need to see meaningful solutions and relief right now, not measures that will make a difference in five or ten years. People across B.C. are living every day with real concern that they might lose their homes because of this crisis, and yet the NDP has nothing to offer them.”

The BC Liberals have been actively working to address the strata crisis for months, introducing legislation, hosting a strata town hall, and writing to the Premier to propose common-sense solutions for relief. Over the past eight months MLAs have heard directly from thousands of strata residents who have seen increases of up to 1000 per cent in their insurance fees. Meanwhile, the government is making money off the crisis, the B.C. Liberals said.

“We needed to see the NDP take steps to provide people with relief months ago, but yesterday’s announcement demonstrates that once again they have chosen an option that does not provide any immediate solutions to those who desperately need it,” said Stone. “Strata owners need help now — it’s time for the NDP to take real action before it is too late.”