NDP says it’s using its power to secure results that’ll make big difference in people’s lives

NDP says it secured dental care coverage for kids, help to pay rent for a million Canadians, and making the big banks pay their fair share


THE federal NDP said on Thursday that in the 2022 Budget, it used its power to secure results the Liberals haven’t delivered – results that will make a big difference in people’s lives. The cost of living has gone up and people are struggling to make ends meet. By asking the big banks to pay a little bit more, we can help families make ends meet with dental care coverage and help to find a home.

“The pandemic has taken a toll on Canadians. We’re worn out and anxious about the future. The cost of living has gone up: the price of homes, groceries and gas is through the roof. Canadians want us to come together and get to work to help make their lives better, and this is exactly what we have done,” said NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh. “New Democrats have fought and won important victories that have benefited Canadians – like Medicare. We’re carrying on this fight so families can finally get dental care without huge out of pocket costs.”

The NDP said that because of it, the budget includes:
* Investments to move forward with the NDP dental care plan, starting with children under 12.
* Investments for a million people to get $500 to help pay their rent.
* Additional investment of $1.5 billion to build new affordable homes.
* Additional investment of $4.3 billion in Indigenous Housing.
* Making highly profitable financial institutions pay a little bit more.
Singh said: “Unfortunately, this Liberal government is continuing to let their closeness to the ultra-rich and to big corporations get in the way of helping people. This is especially clear in their lack of action to fight the climate crisis. In the same week that the IPCC tabled a damning report, the Liberals decided to pump billions of dollars into carbon capture and storage, and approve a major new extraction project. This is the wrong approach. Canadians deserve a government that is not beholden to powerful companies and their massive profits. They need a government who invests in workers and in green energy to save our planet.”

He added: “Canadians are frustrated. Frustrated that so many have found themselves worse off, while those at the very top have only increased their wealth and power. People are right to be angry at a rigged system where the rich get richer and working Canadians struggle to get by. Left to their own devices, the Liberals protect the profits of the super-rich instead of investing in workers and our communities. Today’s budget includes some big help for Canadians, but it isn’t enough, and we won’t stop here. This is what we were able to achieve with 25 MPs – imagine how much more we could achieve when we elect more NDP MPs. New Democrats will keep fighting to build a brighter future for you and your family — a future that’s more affordable, equal, hopeful and secure.”