NDP slams Conservative MPs for failing to show up for Canadians

THE NDP announced on Tuesday that the House of Commons’ attendance records of Members of Parliament for the hybrid COVID-19 committee meetings show who has been working hard for Canadians. The Conservatives had the worst attendance record of any party with an average participation rate of 40 per cent compared to the New Democrats with the highest attendance rate for the hybrid sessions at 86 per cent. 

“Canadians are struggling to keep a roof over their heads. Indigenous and Black people are facing systemic racism and Asian Canadians are reporting an increase in racist incidents and harassment in their cities. It’s inexcusable that Conservative MPs hardly bothered to show up to hear these serious concerns,” said NDP MP Jenny Kwan. “New Democrats press the government everyday to take action and provide solutions for Canadians.”

The COVID-19 committee provided opposition parties the opportunity to question ministers about important issues people faced during the pandemic both through in-person and virtual meetings.

“With so many Canadians facing serious, sometimes life-threatening issues like the horrible conditions in long-term care homes, simply not showing up to demand answers from the government isn’t acceptable. Logging on to your computer to engage in these important conversations should not be too much to ask of an elected official,” said NDP MP Don Davies.

The record shows that there wasn’t a single day where more than half the Conservative MPs participated in the hybrid sittings.

“While the Conservatives complained that the hybrid sessions didn’t let them hold the government accountable, we got to work and delivered for Canadians,” said NDP MP Peter Julian. “We fought for supports for those with disabilities and for two weeks of paid sick leave for all Canadians so people can feel safe and supported going back to work,” added Julian.  “It’s really amazing what happens when you show up.”