NDP: Wilkinson’s tax plan helps the wealthy over regular people

THE NDP said on Monday that B.C. Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson’s plan saves a household making $120,000 close to four times what it saves someone making $30,000. (Budget 2020)

It doesn’t help people with their basic costs: rent, groceries, car insurance, buying a home, or childcare. Those are already exempt from the PST. 

It does save a multimillionaire $70,000 on a million dollar yacht. And Wilkinson supports $3 billion in tax breaks for the rich. (Backgrounder)

Where would that come from? Their record shows:

  • Higher costs on people (higher MSP, ICBC, Hydro, housing)
  • And cuts to services like seniors care and healthcare during a pandemic. We can’t afford that during a pandemic.

The NDP said millionaires don’t need more help; working people do.

Where the BC Liberals stand on key affordability issues, according to the NDP:

  • It doesn’t help people with car insurance (exempt)
    • Wilkinson would cancel our $400 ICBC rate cut
  • It doesn’t help people with rent (exempt)
    • He would eliminate our rent cap that saves people $420 each year
  • It doesn’t help people with childcare (exempt)
    • He would cancel childcare that is saving families up to $1,600 a month
  • It doesn’t help people buy a home (exempt)
    • He would eliminate the speculation tax and drive up costs again

The NDP added: “All to fund a $3 billion tax break for the wealthy and well-connected. People can’t afford Andrew Wilkinson.”