North Indian community bans girls from wearing jeans to school, wants to protect them from molestation

After announcing that girl students should not wear jeans and using mobile phones to curb incidents of crime against them, members of a Khap (community council) Thursday visited two schools in the Haryana district of Jhagar to urge the diktat be followed.

Members of the Birohar Barha Khap, which had recently directed girls above 10 years of age not to wear jeans and tops and to stop using mobile phones, said that they went to the schools in Jhajjar, 300 km from here, to create awareness among girls.

“We suggested that they should follow the dress code of their educational institutes instead of wearing jeans and tops during school times. These dresses provoke boys and men to indulge in eve-teasing, molesting and other crimes,” a khap leader said.

“We have also appealed to parents of the girl students to make their daughters realise that wearing of such dresses could have adverse affect,” said Rajender Dhankhar, a representative of the khap.

He said that the khap was only trying to create awareness on this issue. He added that the khap members got good response from the girl students and they will visit more institutions in coming days.—IANS