ONTARIO: Police looking for Rankirat Singh, 20, of Brampton in stick wielding attack


Indian students introduce Punjab criminality to Brampton!


HALTON Regional Police are attempting to locate Rankirat Singh, 20, of Brampton for his role in Wednesday’s stick wielding attack in Halton Hills that sent two men to hospital suffering serious injuries.

Singh is wanted for two counts of aggravated assault and one count of assault cause bodily harm.

Investigators have learned that the incident originated over a dispute involving a real estate transaction. The dispute culminated into the violent assault on Wednesday. Two victims remain in hospital and are listed in serious but stable condition. A third victim received minor injuries and is recovering at home, police said on Thursday.

Police learned that earlier this month one of the victims brokered a real estate deal between a Brampton property owner and Singh. The victim obtained a deposit from Singh to lease the property.

The property owner subsequently declined the lease offer and requested the victim return the deposit to Singh. Discussions between the victim and Singh regarding the declined offer grew heated. This resulted in the victim fearing for his safety.

Shortly after midnight on Wednesday (June 20), the victim and two friends travelled to a pre-arranged meeting area to return the deposit to Singh. That’s when they observed several vehicles with numerous males standing around carrying what appeared to be bats and sticks. One of the males was Singh. Fearing for their safety, they quickly attempted to flee in their vehicle. They were surrounded and assaulted at a red light on Winston Churchill Boulevard and Steeles Avenue in Halton Hills.

One District Criminal Investigations Bureau detectives conducted a search warrant earlier Thursday (June 21) morning at a Brampton residence. During the execution of the warrant detectives seized two motor vehicles involved in this altercation. They also recovered several sticks and a baton from the residence.

Police are continuing the investigation and are receiving a great deal of assistance from the public. In the meantime police have some advice for Singh. “To Mr. Singh and the individuals involved, contact a lawyer and arrange for your safe surrender to investigators.” said Detective Sergeant Dave Costantini of the One District Criminal Investigations Bureau. “The investigation is ongoing and police wish to thank the members of the public and media who have provided vital information regarding this investigation.”

Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to contact Acting Detective Dylan Price of the Halton Regional Police Service One District Criminal Investigations Bureau at 905-825-4747, ext. 2422.

Tips can also be submitted to Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS) or through the web at www.haltoncrimestoppers.ca.





  1. Deportation should be the only option for this [person]. Canada should stop bringing these [kind of] international students.

  2. Please limit the number of people coming on student visa from india to canada. They are doing to many stuff in canada and ruining the punjabi communities name. When we ‘canadian born punjabis’ go to college we are looked at differently because of the bad doings of the student visa mandeer from punjab. They get into fights, never do work properly at college, fool around with girls, dress very unprofessionally and are very unhygenic. Goras say all punjabi students smell like tadka because of them. We have to walk with our head down because of them.

    • Deportation is must. But don’t at least call out all the international students as same. I am not a Punjabi And I study and work hard. So how can you judge all the students just by the act of one.

      • I am rest of students are hurt but to be honest at this point as citizens we can’t trust students generally anymore because we can’t justify who is what.

    • Sidha keh de tusi sare jealous o punjabi students toh. No need no write a hate story. U can’t judge all by act of one. Moreover students study and work hard. They are successful too. And that tadka story is just rubbish. Tudade ghar ni lgda tadka k tusi steak salad te boiled potatoes khande o dinner vich.

  3. Vote Conservative October 2019… The liberals are doing nothing in the matter and it is getting out of hand.

  4. Deportation For all international Students! Strictly dont give thm Basements or houses for rent! Pls send all of them back !

  5. We can’t judge all upon the act of one. Upbringing plays the most important role; not the fact that someone is an international student or an immigrant or a born Canadian. If you can’t value life, it doesn’t matter what country, ethnicity or nationality you belong to. One needs to stop being judgmental, both publicly and personally.

  6. We are working very hard here. But deportation should be must for violent students. Don’t judge every student.we are here to study and work hard.

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  8. Were these perpetrators students? There’s an awful lot of them in Surrey.
    I have heard alot of negative stories about them. Most of it involves girls and partying. Indos have made a mess out of Canada. It’s just not the students.

  9. This is a shameful situation and needs to be addressed firmly. These students have ruined their lives and their parent’s wishes and blocked the path for the entire Indian Student Community. Now the Legal System, Law Enforcement System, Immigration System all will have to work together and address and fix things permanently so that we do not have to face any such situation in future. All Realtors, landlords and all parents may have to be more and more alert in Student Renting. All these Students who have been involved Must be dealt with a strong hand so that No One ever dares to take the Law in their hands. They have given a bad name to the Community and all Indo Canadians. Today we all from India/Punjab feel so small in our hearts. We all Must stand with the Government to make their hands stronger than ever.
    Canada has given all of us a good life and as Canadians, we must respect our country and keep it clean under all circumstances. We are from Punjab, India and condemn this greatly. God Bless Canada

  10. Read some comments , all targeted towards international students. But its nowhere confirmed that involved parties were students. Even if they were, target anger to the person not to generalize.

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