Organizations come together to help B.C.’s flood relief efforts

KIRPA Collective Society, Tera Terra Helping Hands Society, Ik Sansar Foundation, Gurudwara Dasmesh Darbar, and Guru Nanak’s Free Kitchen have come together to provide and distribute food and essentials throughout British Columbia to those affected most by the BC floods and mudslides.

“Through united efforts we have been able to organize highway transport, boats, helicopters and planes to deliver supplies to both local and isolated stranded communities in desperate need. Special thanks to Shaun Bradley of West Coast Pilot Club and Menno Koehoorn and his team for stepping up to provide selfless air and water transport,” the five organizations said in a joint statement on Monday.

The organizations said they will continue working closely together to support affected communities.

You can contact any of their coordinators listed below to make contributions, or if you are in need of aid:

Tera Terra Helping Hands Society

Pavan Aujla


FB & IG: @TeraTerra13

Kirpa Collective Society

Parmbir Lally


FB & IG: @KirpaCollective

Ik Sansar Foundation

Roman Singh


FB & IG: @iksansarfoundation

Guru Nanak’s Free Kitchen

Paul Hundle: 778-837-7923

Gurdwara Dasmesh Darbar

Moninder Singh: 604-351-3716