Parliamentary Secretary Rachna Singh on anti-Asian racism

RACHNA Singh, Parliamentary Secretary for Anti-Racism Initiatives, on Sunday released the following statement on anti-Asian racism in response to the recent shootings in the United States and various rallies happening across this country:

“Xiaojie Tan. Daoyou Feng. Hyun Jung Grant. Soon Chung Park. Suncha Kim. Yong Ae Yue. Paul Andre Michels. Delaina Ashley Yaun.

“We remember them.

“The shootings that took the lives of eight innocent people in Atlanta, Georgia, recently happened in the U.S., but we’re not immune to anti-Asian racism in Canada.

“From the head tax to numerous attacks against people of Asian descent during the COVID-19 pandemic, racism in Canada is just as pervasive, systemic and violent. To think otherwise is, at best, naiveté and, at worst, complicity.

“Anti-Asian hate crimes increased by over 700% compared to last year in Vancouver. Like all hate crimes, these numbers likely under-represent the true scale of the problem throughout our province. Racism leaves a lasting impact that hurts mentally and physically.

“But, we are strong. The Asian Canadian community has demonstrated inspiring resiliency. The strength and spirit of our communities will not be diminished. We must speak out against racism when we see it, as uncomfortable as it is.

“We will not let senseless and illogical hatred, based on the colour of our skin, intimidate or make us feel like we are less than others.

“Hate has a long history in British Columbia and still exists today. But everyone has the right to live without the fear of violence and any form of discrimination.

“We are proud of all the positive contributions Asian Canadians have made to our province, and we commit to stand with them against racism.”