Premier Christy Clark wins by-election in Westside-Kelowna

Premier Christy Clark once again has a seat in the B.C. Legislature.

Clark was victorious in the Westside-Kelowna by-election, taking 63 per cent of the popular vote. Her closest opponent Carole Gordon of the B.C. NDP ended up with 30 per cent of the vote.

The vote was called after Clark lost her seat in Vancouver-Point Grey to the NDP’s David Eby during the May provincial election.

Liberal Ben Steward stepped aside in Kelowna-Westside to trigger the by-election in the riding.

Speaking at the post-election rally Wednesday night, Clark thanked her supporters for helping her put “the exclamation mark” on the election.

“People here elected me because they believe I can deliver for Westside-Kelowna and I am going to do it,” said Clark.

She went on to re-iterate her stance on growing the economy instead of growing governments and making sure the future generation ends up in a better position.

Clark said it was a lively and interesting campaign.

“I am taking the heart, the dreams and the wishes of people of Westside-Kelowna with me to Victoria.”

Polls opened at 8 a.m. this morning, but Clark did not cast a ballot since she doesn’t live in that riding.
Clark ran against NDP candidate Carole Gordon, conservative Sean Upshaw and a number of independent candidates, only one of which actually lives in the riding.

Gordon and the New Democrats have been painting Clark as an outsider and waging a negative campaign – in stark contrast to the positive campaign NDP leader Adrian Dix chose to lead in the May provincial election.

The premier said her goals for local residents include improving traffic congestion in the area, expanding the area’s health care facilities and laying plans for a second bridge crossing over Okanagan Lake.

Before Wednesday’s by-election, Clark said that if she wins, she will buy a home in the riding.

Clark is expected to take her seat on the last day of the Legislature at the end of the month.

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