Province endorses sweeping changes to liquor laws

No more beer garden fences and serving home brew at weddings: those are some of the changes coming out of the latest announcement from the province around liquor reform.

Justice Minister Suzanne Anton says it will move on all 73 recommendations that John Yap has made in his report.

Instead of fenced-in beer gardens at events like the PNE, organizers will instead have to apply for a special licence. Once the new laws come into effect, festival goers will be able to walk the grounds with a pint, which the province says will help decrease costs for organizers. It also means people with kids will be able to have a drink and remain with their family at such events.

The recommendations also include allowing stadiums and arenas to serve spirit-based drinks in the stands. The current rules only allow beer and wine sales to people in general seating areas, with spirits like rum, vodka or gin only served to those in private boxes or premium seats.

Hotel guests will also be able to carry open liquor, while room service hours are also being extended well into the wee hours of the morning.