Raptors’ Superfan Nav Bhatia to promote South Asians at TEDx in Toronto on October 2



NAV Bhatia is best known as the Toronto Raptors’ Superfan which he has spent 20 years building in order to achieve one goal: to promote South Asians and in particular Sikhs to a mainstream audience.

“We may look different and we may have different beliefs but in the end we are all human. We bleed the same, we cry the same and we laugh the same. That is the message I want to convey,” says Nav.

Nav’s work with the Toronto Raptors has garnered a lot of publicity and he has translated this newfound fame into a larger opportunity to promote South Asians to the mainstream. On October 2, he will be speaking at TEDx – Toronto.

“When I was approached to speak at TEDx my first reaction was what am I going to say to a room of top intellects. What could they want to hear from Nav Bhatia, Superfan and Owner of Mississauga and Rexdale Hyundai? Then I realized it is my duty to do this talk. To discuss what we as South Asians are really made of, to continue to breakdown that racial stereotype. So I accepted and I hope to see our community come out in full force to support,” says Nav.

TEDx has released Nav’s video outlining the subject of his talk which will be focusing on the parallels of the growth of the Toronto Raptors franchise along with Nav’s search for cultural acceptance:


To attend the talk, visit http://www.tedxtoronto.com/conference/apply/ in order to apply.