Rate increases at ICBC show time for overhaul: Andrew Wilkinson

Andrew Wilkinson

LEADER of the Official Opposition Andrew Wilkinson said on Friday that the ICBC rate increase by the NDP shows that it is time for a complete overhaul of the 45-year-old state-owned monopoly.

“ICBC is a 45-year-old state-run monopoly and hasn’t been fixed by any government,” said B.C. Liberal Leader Wilkinson. “British Columbians already pay the highest auto insurance rates in Canada. Today’s rate increase shows that no matter how much David Eby and the NDP try to blame others for the situation at ICBC, British Columbians are the ones paying the price and that is not fair.”

B.C. drivers have seen an almost 13 per cent increase in their auto insurance rates over the past two years. The average driver will now be paying at least $1,740 a year for basic insurance.

“Today’s rate increase of 6.3 per cent is just another cost being downloaded onto taxpayers by the NDP,” said Wilkinson. “The cost of optional insurance is still to be revealed, but to meet the NDP’s budget targets there would have to be an increase of 14 per cent to that rate, something the NDP has decided to try to hide from the public.”

“I have repeatedly brought up the need for a complete overhaul at ICBC,” added Wilkinson. “Let’s look at the best auto insurance practices across North America and implement them here in B.C. The goal is to see rates go down for good drivers. To do that, we’re ready to send ICBC to the wrecking yard.”


  1. Yes I agree I don’t want to be forced to pay for the ignorance of governments anymore I’m so disappointed in our government provincially and federally
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  2. I left a comment earlier I did want to say much respect to you Mr .Willkinson I like want you stand for ?✊

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