RATTAN’S RUMBLE: Attack on freedom of religion by members of Law Society: “REVERSE BIGOTRY”

TWU President Bob Kuhn
TWU President Bob Kuhn

THE resolution passed this week by members of the Law Society of B.C. by 3,210 votes to 968 directing the Board of Governors, known as “benchers,” to declare that Trinity Western University’s (TWU) law school is not an approved faculty of law for the purposes of the Law Society’s admissions program because the university wants staff, faculty and students to sign a covenant which forbids sex outside of heterosexual marriage is a blatant attack on freedom of religion.

What makes this all the more reprehensible and ludicrous is the fact that the benchers decided to permit TWU’s law school graduates to enter the Law Society’s admissions program “after thorough review and consideration of more than 800 pages of submissions, two reports of the Federation of Law Societies of Canada, a number of legal opinions and the Supreme Court of Canada decision in a previous Trinity Western University case.”

Law Society President Jan Lindsay said: “This is a complex issue that engages many points of view” and added: “There is currently litigation challenging the BC provincial government’s decision to approve a law school at TWU and litigation in Ontario and Nova Scotia challenging the decision by law societies there not to approve the proposed law school at TWU. Ultimately, I fully expect that the issues raised will be decided by the Supreme Court of Canada.”

What the 3,210 lawyers who voted in favour of the resolution seem to be saying is that everybody MUST believe in gay sex.

How is that freedom of choice? Nobody is forcing anyone to join the university.

What’s next?

Will they tell Christians to burn their Bibles?!

Where will all this “REVERSE BIGOTRY” take us?