RATTAN’S RUMBLE: Fly high with Trudeau: He’s higher than Harper in polls!

Justin Trudeau
Justin Trudeau Photo by Chandra Bodalia

NO matter how hard the Conservatives SHAMELESSLY continue with their TWISTED propaganda against federal Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, especially on his legalization of marijuana stand, his popularity with Canadians remains steady.

That is precisely why Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his guys are in a veritable state of PANIC and DESPERATION.

(For the record, I am personally against any such legalization. But to distort what Trudeau plans on this score would be to tell lies to the public.)

The latest Nanos weekly Party Power Index noted: “In the week of the provincial election in Ontario, the proportion of Canadians that would consider voting Conservative dropped a noticeable three points in one week.”

It added: “The most significant shifts relate to the preferred choice for Prime Minister. The latest tracking has Trudeau at 33.3 percent followed by Harper at 28.1 percent, and Mulcair at 14.3 percent.”

The index shows that Trudeau has hit a 10-month high, while Harper is near his 10-month average.


THAT filthy approach to politics is in blatant evidence at the by-election campaign in Toronto’s Scarborough-Agincourt federal riding. The Globe and Mail newspaper revealed that the Conservatives have plastered the riding with a flyer that features a photo of former Liberal MP Jim Karygiannis and a quote from him: “This is not the same Liberal party we knew. The party has changed.”

The newspaper reported that the quote is attributed to Karygiannis and explains why he resigned last April, because of which a by-election is being held on June 30.

On the other side of the flyer is an unflattering photo of Trudeau with a goatee that is superimposed on a picture of young boy lighting up a joint.

The flyer reads: “Trudeau wants marijuana in local stores, just like alcohol and cigarettes.”

But the fact is, as the Globe and Mail report pointed out, “Trudeau argues that legalizing, regulating and taxing pot would help keep it out of the hands of children and starve organized crime of its lucrative marijuana trade.”

Small print shows that the flyer was “authorized by the registered agent of the Conservative Party of Canada.”

However, quite obviously it gives the impression that Karygiannis is behind it.

The former MP told the newspaper: “This is an all-time low for the Conservatives.” He said the flyer was a “very low and distasteful attack” that misrepresents him and his reason for leaving federal politics.

In fact, Karygiannis is still a member of the Liberal party and has endorsed the Liberal candidate, Arnold Chan.

The Globe and Mail also reported that the Conservatives have run radio and television ads on the same theme of Trudeau’s plan making pot more accessible to kids.

But the flyer goes as far as directly accusing Trudeau of wanting to sell marijuana in local stores.
Mr. Harper, how much lower will you stoop?

Shame on you!