RATTAN’S RUMBLE: Linda Hepner’s “bribery” strategy to win votes from gurdwara is a SHAME!


Linda Hepner
Linda Hepner

SHAME on Surrey First mayoral candidate Linda Hepner and her councillors!

She is so DESPERATE that she is now misusing her powers to promise to get matters authorized in order to garner support from at least one gurdwara.

Surrey’s Gurdwara Sahib Brookside President Sardul S. Rihal confirmed to me on Tuesday that Hepner had held a meeting with the gurdwara executive and assured them that she would get a parking lot between the gurdwara and a Hindu temple on 140th Street authorized in exchange for their support.

Rihal said: “That’s what she said … she would do it before the election. They are going to have a Council meeting and then she will tell us.”

Many South Asians are angry that Hepner would resort to such tactics.

Meanwhile, mayoral candidate Doug McCallum has reportedly promised Dashmesh Darbar Gurdwara that the City would pay for the annual Vaisakhi Parade if he is elected mayor.

But that, many South Asians argue, is what Mayor Dianne Watts should have done in any case. Surrey’s Vaisakhi Parade is the largest such in North America and attracts people from all over the world. But Watts proved to be utterly useless in this respect. In fact, in my opinion, it was just racism.

Doug McCallum
Doug McCallum

Ironically, it seems that only mayoral candidate Barinder Rasode, who is the only South Asian candidate, has NOT given any such assurances to anyone!

Go figure!


  1. There are 4 candidates 4 mayor of Surrey. You did not quote John Edwards, the one candidate not touched by scandal and corruption. You might ask opinion.

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