RATTAN’S RUMBLE: RCMP bosses need a samosa in their mouth – and another up their you-know-what!

samosaBOY, how stupid can the RCMP bosses get!

I am sure that the vast majority of Mounties, assuming they have some sense of decency, are shaking their heads at the UTTER STUPIDITY of their seniors in our multicultural society.

I am so glad that the Italian community gave them hell for using the stereotypical code name “Clemenza” (Peter Clemenza is a fictional character from “The Godfather” novel and movie about an Italian crime family) for their anti-Mafia project in Quebec, forcing the RCMP head honcho in that province to apologize to the National Congress of Italian Canadians Quebec chapter.

Antonio Sciascia, a past-president of the organization and head of its anti-defamation committee, told a newspaper: “We’re 300,000 in Quebec and 1.5 million in Canada and 99.9 per cent of these people are good, honest, working citizens who have contributed immensely to the cultural, social and economic development of this country.”

THAT reminded me of PROJECT SAMOSA.

That was the name of the project in which a Pakistani-Canadian doctor and two others were arrested in 2010 as part of an alleged Ottawa terror cell that was involved in constructing improvised explosive devices. It was alleged that they had collected schematics, videos, books, and other material used to build the bombs.

The RCMP and CSIS back then said they had monitored the group for a year as part of “Project Samosa.”

South Asians must remain vigilant about such negative stereotyping in future and hit back at morons who resort to such racism.

Indeed, RCMP bosses need to have some spicy samosas stuffed down their gullets and some others stuffed up their you-know-what!

Yeah, they need to wake up and smell the curry!