RATTAN’S RUMBLE: South Asian kids caught driving recklessly need to change their stupid and shameless attitude!

impounded vehicles
Six impounded vehicles being towed away on Monday night. APD Facebook photo

INSTEAD of being humble and repentant for endangering other people’s lives as well as their own by driving down busy South Fraser Way at about 80 to 100 km/h in speed zones of 50 to 60 km/h.40 km per hour in fancy cars – a 2012 Chrysler 300, a 2009 Mercedes C350, a 2011 Ford Mustang, a 2012 Audi Q7, and two Infinity G37s – around 6:20 p.m. on Monday, three of the six South Asian males between the ages of 17 and 21 whose vehicles were seized by Abbotsford Police had the shamelessness and stupidity to mock the cops on Twitter!

The drivers received $368 fines for driving without due care and attention and their vehicles were impounded. Five of the vehicles were registered to a person other than the driver and there were Ns on most of them.

One of them, Vivek Sharma, had the nerve to tell a CTV reporter that they were “actually driving responsibly” but “people got jealous” and that there were “a lot of haters out there.”

Another, Dep Davsar, told CTV that they weren’t speeding, but engaging in “speed launches” – rapidly accelerating and decelerating. He said: “Slow down to 40, do a launch up to 60, and then slow down to 50, and we were just minding our own business going down the street.” But that’s what police say is driving without due care and attention.

Abbotsford Police Constable Ian MacDonald, who confirmed to me on Wednesday that the kids were all South Asians, told CTV that two of the vehicles remained back to block other cars in order to let the four others weave together.

The ridiculous “people got jealous” comment sparked mockery, as readers posted comments on the CTV website such as “not much to envy in that list of cars.”

Another comment said; “I didn’t see a car on this list worth being envious over…but the N drivers are each going to lose their license right? I mean three hundred and something dollars is NOTHING for the owners of these cars. please tell me they’re going to lose the privilege of driving.”


March 29 car crash
March 29 crash. Photo courtesy CTV

s far as the “lots of haters out there” comment goes, these guys should know that you can’t cry ‘racism’ to try and get away with wrongdoing. That is downright pathetic. And yes, such stupidity does give racists a golden chance to spew their hatred; that’s why they shouldn’t be indulging in such dangerous behaviour.

Of course, there were the usual racist comments by some white losers, but one really balanced comment was: “Sounds like the typical attitude of young men whose parents have obviously spoiled them and who have never been accountable for their actions. As for the haters comments it just shows their immaturity. I hope the superintendent of Motor Vehicles takes a look at their licenses and gives them a suspension. As others have pointed out driving is a privilege not a right, it is clear these young men are not mature enough nor have they earned that right.”

SO far, most of the young street racers whose reckless driving has been in the news have been East Asians, usually rich, spoiled Chinese students.

Now our South Asian young men seem to be headed in the same direction: but let me warn them – and their PARENTS – that this is NOT something glamorous. On the contrary, this is dangerous (you can maim and / or kill yourself, too, besides, of course, maiming and killing others) and will only spark MORE RACISM.

I am sure there are SAFER ways to flash your wealth and impress other losers with shallow values!

MEANWHILE, MacDonald told me this week that the South Asian driver of the vehicle that crashed near Maclure and McCallum Roads while travelling at about 120 km/hour on March 29 has now received a ticket for street racing as well. He added that no other suspect vehicles had been identified so far.

The driver and his passenger were lucky to be alive after the crash. Although one of the occupants was trapped in the vehicle, he was rescued using the jaws of life and didn’t suffer any serious injury. It was also fortunate that no one else was injured in that incident.

MacDonald told The VOICE two weeks ago: “They were doing more than double the speed limit. They were doing about 120 [km/hour] in a 50 [km/hour] zone and that’s a stretch of road with a lot of S-curves. So there is never a good stretch of road to be speeding, but that’s a particularly bad stretch.”

He told me back then that police were still looking into the street race component and were going through security video to see if they could get a plate or identification on the other car that was racing.

Several tickets for violations, including excessive speed, were given to the driver on the day of the incident itself. But police hadn’t given any ticket for street racing.