RATTAN’S RUMBLE: Surrey RCMP and City have nothing better to do than kick out peaceful South Asian kids off soccer fields!

Photo courtesy CTV
Photo courtesy CTV

FOR a moment I couldn’t believe what I saw on CTV on Friday night: Two armed Surrey RCMP cops kicking out some South Asian kids and their dads playing soccer peacefully in a field at Brookside Elementary School last weekend.

I had to go to their website http://bc.ctvnews.ca/ to check it out again.

Oops, they didn’t have a permit to play! This was not some organized match with hundreds of spectators – just a few kids and their dads.

Oh yeah, those guys going around openly shooting at each other right under the noses of dazed RCMP officers should also get permits from the City, I guess!

Great work by your cops, Top Cop Bill Fordy! Keep it up – after all it’s MUCH EASIER than handling those “petty” drug dealers who blatantly go around firing at each other day and night – with the cops always reacting after the fact and becoming a laughingstock.

Then they and their precious Surrey Mayor (what’s her name?) go around blaming the criminal elements for not cooperating with them. I absolutely agree that those bad guys should catch each other since the RCMP can’t do their jobs!

Wow, this time the Mounties actually got their guys – playing soccer peacefully!

Owen Croy, Surrey’s Manager of Parks, told CTV they’ve had reports of rowdy behaviour at Brookside Elementary, but that the family probably should have been left alone.

“The bylaw officer followed the letter of the law. Perhaps a bit more discretion might have been used,” he admitted.

The RCMP officers should have told the bylaw officer to go around doing something better after they had assessed the situation.

And talking of violating bylaws, why can’t these bylaw officers and RCMP officers (since they have SO MUCH time on their hand) catch all those numerous guys smoking openly in ‘no smoking’ zones at SkyTrain stations? Surely that is far worse for our health than a few guys playing soccer peacefully!