Federal minister of state Tim Uppal’s brother Raymanpreet Uppal among four charged with drug and other offences by Edmonton Police

Photo: Edmonton Police
Photo: Edmonton Police

AS a result of a confidential tip from a member of the public, the Edmonton Police Service Specialized Traffic Apprehension Team (STAT) executed search warrants on three residences and seized drugs, weapons and cash, and also charged four individuals allegedly involved in drug trafficking.

One of the four, Raymanpreet Singh Uppal, is the brother of federal Minister of State (Multiculturalism) Tim Uppal.

When The VOICE contacted Uppal’s office in Ottawa on Wednesday morning, he emailed the following statement to us:

“Yesterday, I learned through the media of charges against my brother. I have always spoken out against drugs in our communities. Anyone found guilty of such offenses should face the full force of the law.”

In early 2014, STAT members commenced a drug-related investigation after receiving information about an alleged “dial-a-dope” operation.  During the course of the investigation, officers discovered that this was not a one-person operation, but a group of individuals allegedly involved in the local drug trade.  With the assistance of detectives from the EPS Drug and Gang Unit (EDGE), STAT officers were able to identify a number of additional suspects and residences.

Tim Uppal Photo by Chandra Bodalia
Tim Uppal
Photo by Chandra Bodalia

On Thursday, November 20, STAT members executed search warrants on three south-side residences and one vehicle, and seized:

* Two handguns and ammunition – a .38 Special Revolver and a .25 Semi-Automatic Pistol (prohibited weapon with serial number removed)

* A conductive energy weapon (CEW)

* Approximately $12,000 in Canadian currency

* 370.8 grams of cocaine (approximate street value $26,900)

* 1,585.2 grams of buff (approximate street value $6,340)

* 90.2 grams of marijuana (approximate street value $1,350)

* 16.6 grams of hashish (approximate street value $332)

Charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking (cocaine), possession for the purpose of trafficking  (marijuana), possession for the purpose of trafficking (hashish), and possession of stolen property over $5000 (proceeds of crime) are:

* Raymanpreet Singh Uppal, 28

* Arman Deep Singh Hanjrah, 21

* Jared Joseph Perner, 25

* John Edward Saul, 27

Saul was also charged with unauthorized possession of prohibited / restricted weapon, possession of an offensive weapon dangerous to public, unauthorized possession of prohibited device or ammunition (three counts), careless storage of firearm, weapon, ammunition (two counts), and possession knowing serial number alter / deface / remove.

Uppal was also charged with possession of an offensive weapon dangerous to public.

Perner was also charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking (steroids), possession for the purpose of trafficking (cocaine), possession of stolen property under $5000 (proceeds of crime), possession of an offensive weapon dangerous to public, and obstructing a peace officer.

EPS STAT continues to investigate the file.


THE Specialized Traffic Apprehension Team (STAT) is part of the EPS Violence Reduction Strategy to help keep Edmonton safe.  STAT continues to focus on traffic safety and enforcement, vehicles and occupants involved in illegal activities, as well as deterring other forms of crime and disorder.

“STAT’s strength is being able to focus on the mobile criminals,” says Staff Sgt. Randy Loxterkamp with EPS STAT.  “Every day, STAT officers intercept traffic violators, suspended or impaired drivers, individuals wanted on warrants, or those who are in possession of stolen vehicles, stolen property, illegal weapons or drugs.  We share intelligence between divisions and other specialized investigative units, allowing us to better focus police resources.  In this particular file, we were able to utilize additional investigative strategies to be more proactive and effective, and make more significant arrests and seizures.”

So far in 2014 as a result of vehicle interdictions, STAT has seized: seven firearms; 120 other illegal weapons including knives, machetes, swords, brass knuckles, tasers, pepper spray, batons, and ammunition; $103,594 in cash; 4,489 grams of marijuana; 251 grams of hashish;  17 millilitres of hash oil; 1,013 grams of cocaine; 4.7 grams of heroin;  28.3 litres of GHB; 7.4 grams of MDMA;  71 grams of ketamine; 365 grams of methamphetamine; 1,253 assorted pharmaceutical pills; 10 millilitres of steroids; 42.3 grams of mushrooms; and laid 2,392 criminal charges with 842 of those associated to drugs and violence.