Reckless Liberal Hydro Hikes Will Hurt Small Businesses

harry bainsThe Liberals’ reckless hydro rate hike will force small business owners across the province to either soak up the increase or make families pay even more for hydro by rolling the hike into the price of goods and services, say the New Democrats.

“The Liberal government hasn’t given any thought to the effect of their hydro hike on small businesses that are looking for a little stability,” said New Democrat small business critic Lana Popham. “This latest wallop will force business owners to make tough choices between competitiveness, their customers and financial survival.

“The Liberal government is out of touch with the everyday shop owners of this province. Small businesses shouldn’t have to pay the price for Liberal mismanagement of BC Hydro.”
Popham said this hydro rate hike for small businesses was likely another ill-conceived Liberal surprise, and it’s doubtful they brought forth any helpful solutions for owners ahead of time at the small business roundtable.

New Democrat jobs critic Harry Bains said, “If businesses can’t afford to pass the hydro rate increase along to customers through an increase in prices, then they either have to soak it up themselves, or even cut employee hours. At a time when our small businesses and private sector is seeking assistance in order to thrive, this is another blow from the Liberal government.

“We’ve seen a major drop in private sector jobs since two years ago when the Liberals committed to growth in the sector, and this isn’t going to help turn things around.”

Garth Owen, Owner of Organic Grocer in Surrey said, “This hurts my bottom line. I’m a local business owner, and these sorts of increases have a major effect on business.”

Youssif Ihab, owner of Espresso Café, said, “My customers can’t face another increase in prices. It’s already very difficult to compete, so I’ll have to soak up these massive hydro hikes myself, then go home and pay for hydro rate hikes at home, too.”