Ridge Meadows RCMP frontline officers on patrol seize cash, drugs and firearm

Photo: RCMP

ON Thursday, January 5 at approximately 9:45 p.m., Ridge Meadows RCMP frontline officers out on patrol in the City of Pitt Meadows observed a vehicle making a blatant traffic violation in the area of Davidson Road and Harris Road. The officers immediately pulled over the driver of the vehicle.

As the officers approached the vehicle they immediately observed what appeared to be drugs in the vehicle and subsequently the driver was arrested.

A search of the vehicle resulted in the officers locating a large sum of cash, alleged drugs and a firearm.

“This is an example of the proactive work that our officers are doing on a daily basis,” said police. “What appeared to be a traffic stop for a driving infraction turned into an officer removing a substantial amount of cash, drugs and a firearm from our streets.”

“These are impressive results that demonstrate our members commitment to seeking out the individuals involved in the illicit drug trade negatively impacting our communities and our most vulnerable people,” said Inspector Adam Gander. “This should serve as a reminder to others involved in the drug trade that we are out there and looking for you.”

This investigation is ongoing.


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