Ridge Meadows RCMP seize cars, cocaine and cash; 4 arrested

Money and drugs seized by RCMP.

THE Ridge Meadows RCMP Street Enforcement Unit (SEU) have arrested four people and seized multiple items in relation to an alleged drug trafficking operation.

Over the course of two months, SEU members conducted surveillance and observed multiple meetings between three suspects and others in connection to alleged drug trafficking. The surveillance, and information obtained through search warrants, led the SEU to four residences in the Maple Ridge area.

On Thursday, July 25, search warrants were simultaneously executed on houses in the 10400-block area of Robertson Street and the 11600-block area of Pine street. Three men and one woman were arrested and the following items were seized:

Some of the vehicles seized by RCMP.

· Approximately 300 doses of alleged cocaine

· $44,760 cash

· Approximately $1,000 cash

· Drug packaging materials

· Accounting paperwork and a money counting machine

· 2015 Mercedes CLS6 car

· 2018 Ducati motorcycle

· 2010 Chevrolet Malibu car

· 2009 Dodge Calibre car

“We have to deploy our resources in a manner which provides the greatest impact to our communities and targeting these types of operations is how we do that,” said Superintendent Jennifer Hyland. “We’d be pretty ineffective if we always revealed what we are up to, but we do want residents to know that we are out there focusing on these high profile targets. There is no place for this in our communities and we will find and arrest you.”

Formal charges are pending court appearances.